“The Fresh Mornings Program is Expanding!”

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We’ve got great news! We are expanding our “Fresh Mornings” Program beginning the 3rd week in June 2021. Two year ago, Center for Hope launched a pilot program aimed at increasing access to fresh fruits and vegetables for the purpose of improving health outcomes for local citizens.  Recent studies show conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are among the top issues plaguing McLean County residents.  While healthy food choices go a long way in bringing about better health, many lacked access to fresh, nutritious and affordable fruits and vegetables on a regular basis.

That’s where “Fresh Mornings” comes in. Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 9am and noon, we offer an array of fresh produce, whole grain breads and other items that support good health. Those who utilize our Temba and Hope Food Pantries may also request a produce only basket, even if they are between their normal 30-day wait period.

There is even better news!  As a result of a new grant and generous donations from a local farm, we will have a more abundant and even wider array of fresh produce to offer this summer and fall. Along with the food items, we will be sharing recipe ideas and health info fliers. Help us spread the word and stop into “Fresh Mornings” for yourself! Together we are building a healthier and happier community!

Pat Turner
Executive Director
Center for Hope Outreach Programs

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