Joy of Giving

Center for Hope Outreach Programs 

Joy of Giving 2021 Update

Great News! There have been a decreasing number of new COVID -19 cases reported locally and more local residents have been fully vaccinated.  These positive changes fuel our hope to hold a modified version of the Joy of Giving event Saturday December 11th 2021. While we await updates from the CDC and local health department concerning COVID -19 requirements, we have begun making preliminary plans for this year’s festivities.  Your donations of new toys, crafts, books, jewelry and gift cards are welcome at this time.  (For more gift ideas see list below.) We pray you and your family remain safe and healthy year-round.

Volunteers & Supplies Needed Year-Round for Joy of Giving Event

Center for Hope Outreach Programs–The Center for Hope is now accepting donations of unwrapped & new toys, craft items, books, games, ceramics, blankets, gift wrap supplies, and greeting cards for their annual Joy of Giving event. Volunteers are needed to help the children while they shop, make their cards, and wrap their gifts. Please call 808-3742 to sign up. (Gift Ideas listed below)

Boxed board and card games for all ages
DollsStuffed Animals (Include diverse ethnicities)
Craft and Art Sets-All ages-Art, beads, nail & manicure, yarn, etc.)
Toy Vehicles-(Hot Wheels, Air Hogs, Remote Control Cars, etc.) (include batteries where needed)
Building sets, (Lego, K’nex, Gears, Meccano, etc.) (Please no sets with magnetic marbles)
Books, Puzzles, Word Search, Adult and Children’s Coloring books, crayons, colored pencils
Electronic Gifts (Karaoke, Ear plugs, headphones, flash drives, batteries, selfie sticks)
Clothing –(Gloves, hats, scarves, blankets, slippers etc.)
Jewelry-(bracelets, charms, earrings, watches, etc.)
Tools-(multi-tools, flashlights, screwdriver kits, retractable tape measures, etc.)
Educational Toys-Science kits, Magic Kits, Robotikits, Microscopes, etc.)
Gift Cards-(All Types)

For more information please contact us at:

Center for Hope Outreach Programs
1308 E. Empire St.
Bloomington, IL 61701