Volunteer Opportunities


On-going Volunteer Opportunities (Choose from one of the following service options)

Staff Volunteer: The Staff Volunteer position is ideal for a person who has predictable availability during the day. A staff volunteer commits to serving a minimum of two hours weekly. Opportunities include direct client service, office assistant, food delivery, donations pick-up, food sorting as well as some more technical assignments.

Good Neighbor Volunteer: Open to any State Farm employee, agent or retiree.  Must complete 40 hours in a calendar year.

On-Call Volunteer : Already busy? This position is great for someone whose schedule is not so predictable. On-Call Volunteers agree to have their names placed on a list for one period of the year. As available, these volunteers respond to assist with a variety of activities including fundraising, food drives, store room work, promotional events, and back up for staff volunteers.

Special Project Volunteer: Great for someone involved with a sorority, fraternity, church or civic group. Special project volunteers work with a community group to carry out a special event, fundraiser, or awareness project on behalf of the Outreach. The project or event usually occurs one time but may be repeated seasonally or annually.

Contact us at:

Center for Hope Outreach Programs
1308 E. Empire St.
Bloomington, IL 61701

Pat Turner:  Executive Director- 309-808-3742
email: [email protected]